Cedele's 20th Anniversary

While working on the marketing and brand communications for Cedele, I was tasked with creating content for their 20th anniversary. Together with Elaine Ling, our in-house graphic designer, we conceptualised the Hands that Feed series, which sought to highlight the people behind the scenes whose work was and is essential to Cedele's success.

Over the course of 3 weeks, we interviewed over 20 Cedele colleagues, including an extensive interview with Cedele's founder, Ms Yeap Cheng Guat. The project culminated in content for a social media campaign and written content for a series of blog posts on Cedele's website.

It was eye-opening to speak to the unsung heroes whose loyalty and sacrifice have added to the company's success. These men and women all play a part in a bigger tapestry of what makes the company what it is today. I'm glad to have been given the opportunity to tell this part of the Cedele story.