Hygge: An Unquiet Mind

Hygge was a series of dining experiences that sought to gather strangers and friends around a meal for a conversation on issues that are pertinent to our society. These non-profit dinners were a labour of love by Pam and Wex, a couple who was inspired by the swedish concept of Hygge (hue-gar) and a chai stand in Melbourne.

I had the privilege of collaborating and offering my help at the Hygge session, titled 'An Unquiet Mind', which centered on the issue of mental illness. The shared meal provided a safe space for people to share about their own experiences, ask questions and begin a conversation about the oft-misunderstood complexities of mental illness.

Every part of the programme was carefully planned, right down to the menu which creatively challenged negative elements like bitterness and brokenness in our culture. It was an eye-opening experience to be privy to the dedication and heart of this young team.

Pam has gone on to write a cookbook, Wet Market to Table, published by Epigram books in 2019. The couple have relocated to Melbourne, Australia, where Pam continues to write and raise awareness about Singapore cuisine in her podcast and website, Singapore Noodles.